Thursday, November 26, 2009

primefaces and jsr 303 via extval

the previous post shows how easy it is to set-up extval to be used with primefaces.

in the meantime i created a small example [1] which shows that it is very easy to use jsr 303 constraints in a primefaces application via extval.

furthermore, the demo shows ajax validation based on jpa annotations as well as cross-validation via ajax and the none-blocking warn mode.

moreover, the example shows the optional component support module for primefaces. for example it allows component initialization of the password-component based on meta-data. that's equivalent to the functionally available for the standard components. if a property bound to this special primefaces component hosts meta-data about min and max length (e.g. the jsr 303 constraint @Size(min = 7, max = 14), these information get transferred to the component automatically.

a sample screen of the demo: