Thursday, December 17, 2009

myfaces extval @ jsfcentral

the next part of the article series is available at jsfcentral.
thx to the jsfcentral team!

metadata based validation @ejug seminar (german)

the slides of the metadata based validation presentation at the ejug seminar in linz.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

happy birthday myfaces-extval

one year ago we saw the first release of myfaces extensions validator.

the second release was a small but powerful update.
the third release will be available soon. it is a major update and will provide a lot new great features as well as a new validation module which allows to use bean-validation (jsr 303) with all jsf versions as well as some other additional features compared to the standard integration of bv in jsf 2. the latest milestone is available at the snapshot repository. it's already very stable and you can start using it right now! (currently we are in the review phase - so you can already use the current milestone until the version gets released.)

so extval and its add-ons will continue to help you to solve your daily validation tasks with powerful and easy to use mechanisms.

within the last year i received a lot of great feedback as well as a lot ideas for great add-ons. over 17 000 page-hits (in ~100 different countries) within the first year is really great for such an extension! these numbers are just for os890. if you also count the articles, wikis,... it's much higher!

so all of you are welcome to use the current milestone and don't stop to provide feedback as well as ideas for great new features and improvements...