Sunday, November 15, 2009

myfaces extval 2 and icefaces 2

today i had a quick look at the first version of icefaces 2. it looks really nice. so i added extval to the component demo project.

i tested simple constraints as well as cross-validation (cross-component-validation/inter component validation). both worked quite nice also with ajax enabled input components.

also new extval features like severity aware validation (e.g. non-blocking warn mode) work quite well.

i'm looking forward to seeing the final version!

the upgrade of the demo (with extval) was done quite fast:
just adding the jar files and using the constraints!

in this case i used the following maven dependencies for extval:

groupId: org.apache.myfaces.extensions.validator
artifactId: myfaces-extval-core
version: 2.0.3-SNAPSHOT

groupId: org.apache.myfaces.extensions.validator.validation-modules
artifactId: myfaces-extval-property-validation
version: 2.0.3-SNAPSHOT

currently we also need (we will see if we need it with the final version as well)
groupId: org.apache.myfaces.extensions.validator.component-support-modules
artifactId: myfaces-extval-generic-support
version: 2.0.3-SNAPSHOT

for sure also the myfaces extval support for jsr 303 works out-of-the-box after adding the needed jar files...