Saturday, March 27, 2010

creating feeds with jsf is easy now

about one month ago i proposed a simple annotation based approach for creating feeds easily (e.g. based on jpa entities). now a first draft is available here. it's great that it's available quite fast after the initial brainstorming!

Friday, March 26, 2010

extval meets paper

bart kummel wrote a book about the myfaces project.
i'll publish a review about the book quite soon.

it also contains an intro of myfaces extval!
it's really great that the extval chapter is the free sample chapter.
so enjoy reading it!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

extval r3 in action - fullstack 2010

this fullstack demo illustrates some use-cases of using jsf 1.2, spring 3, myfaces extval r3, bean-validation,... in case of myfaces extval the demo also shows how to keep all layers outside the view-layer independent of extval classes. so you see how to re-use existing (extval independent) constraints for ui validation in a typesafe way.
furthermore, the demo shows how to integrate bean-validation (jsr 303) in jsf 1.x applications.

further details are available in the (short) readme file.

here is the list of the used technologies:
- jsf 1.2 (+ facelets)
- myfaces orchestra
- myfaces extval r3 (+ some add-ons)
- bean-validation (jsr 303)
- spring 3
- jpa 1.0
- primefaces

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

myfaces extval release news r2 -> r3

these slides give a short overview of the most important features of the 3rd release of myfaces extval.

3rd release of myfaces-extensions-validator

the apache myfaces team is pleased to announce a new release of myfaces-extensions-validator!

the release contains several improvements and new features as well as a new validation module for using bean-validation (jsr 303) with jsf 1.x and 2.0.
(compared to the standard integration of bv in jsf 2.0 extval 2.0.3 offers more advanced and typesafe features.)

released versions:
extval 1.1.3 (for jsf 1.1.x)
extval 1.2.3 (for jsf 1.2.x)
extval 2.0.3 (for jsf 2.0.x)

Friday, March 5, 2010

[add-on] spring 3 managed constraint validation for extval

there is a new add-on which allows using typesafe spring 3 dependency injection for constraint validators. so it's possible to inject other beans (e.g. a validation service, a repository,...) into a constraint validator.

it's similar to the native extval di support. the main difference is that the add-on offers a typesafe alternative. you just have to extend the default-implementation (listed at @Constraint(validatedBy = {...})) and provide the custom implementation as spring bean.