Monday, August 2, 2010

[benchmark] myfaces extval

after some performance improvements (see EXTVAL-80) i created a benchmark for the bean-validation (jsr-303) integration module for extval r3 and r4m3. as you know the results depend on a lot of parameters. anyway, the following chart should give you a first impression about the performance improvements. on my system i can reproduce the results (tolerance: ~2 ms). the benchmark invokes the validation for a component 1000 times. the value-binding points to a property which hosts one bv-constraint. the benchmark was started 3 times and the chart shows the rounded average of 10 validations (just because it's more interesting than the validation of 1000 ui components).

furthermore, the chart shows the impact of 2 optimizations described in a first draft for advanced extval/bv topics. optimization #1 just deregisters the validation interceptor which allows to create any kind of custom annotations for jsf validation (it's the base implementation of the property-validation module). optimization #2 deregisters the implementation of EXTVAL-83 - one of the new features available in r4+.