Thursday, November 12, 2009

bean-validation support for richfaces via extval

today i upgraded an internal richfaces 3.3.x demo to use extval to integrate jsr 303 validation.

the upgrade was done quite fast:
just adding the jar files and using the bv constraints!

in this case i used the following maven dependencies:

for richfaces:
groupId: org.richfaces.ui
artifactId: richfaces-ui
version: 3.3.2.GA

for extval:
groupId: org.apache.myfaces.extensions.validator
artifactId: myfaces-extval-core
version: 1.2.3-SNAPSHOT

required to use a4j with extval:
groupId: org.apache.myfaces.extensions.validator.component-support-modules
artifactId: myfaces-extval-generic-support
version: 1.2.3-SNAPSHOT

to use jsr 303 validation:
groupId: org.apache.myfaces.extensions.validator.validation-modules
artifactId: myfaces-extval-bean-validation
version: 1.2.3-SNAPSHOT

groupId: org.hibernate
artifactId: hibernate-validator
version: 4.0.0.GA

groupId: org.slf4j
artifactId: slf4j-api
version: 1.4.2

artifactId: slf4j-log4j12
version: 1.4.2

to support org.richfaces.component.html.HtmlCalendar
groupId: sandbox890.extensions.validator.component-support-modules
artifactId: myfaces-extval-richfaces-support