Thursday, December 26, 2013

[deltaspike] validate view-config

apache deltaspike provides an improved version of the view-config known from apache myfaces codi. one of many big advantages is the type-safety (even for navigation). the only missing part is the validation against real files and folders. however, if your view-ids correspond with the real file-names (which is good practice anyway), it's easy to do it manually:

in an ee6+ application-server it's possible to annotate this class with @WebListener (-> no further config is needed). in case of a manual cdi-setup (e.g. with tomcat), it's needed to configure the listener after the listener of the cdi-implementation (because cdi needs to be bootstrapped before this listener gets called).

with all versions after v0.5, deltaspike will do this check out-of-the-box.