Monday, December 30, 2013

[add-on] spring-bridge with deltaspike

cdi and deltaspike are very powerful and in several cases all you need. some might argue that other containers like spring have a richer ecosystem. integrating 3rd party frameworks is usually not a big deal and several even provide a nice api (which doesn't require an additional wrapper or api-layer). however, if there is a good reason why one of the additional spring-projects would be nice to use, it's usually also possible to integrate/use it in a cdi-based application via a cdi-spring bridge. in combination with deltaspike it's easy to implement it.

ds-spring-bridge-addon is one of such two-way bridges. it allows to inject spring-beans into cdi-beans as well as cdi-beans into spring-beans as long as the used concepts (like qualifiers,... are compatible).

per default the bridge will bootstrap the spring-container as soon as it is needed. in case of web-applications, it's possible to use WebappAwareSpringContainerManager (which also delegates to the context-loader of spring). as shown in the tests and examples, it's possible to use it with plain java-se, servlet-containers like tomcat as well as ee-containers like tomee.