Wednesday, May 1, 2013

the migration to tomee is easy

recently i created an example for tomee.

its origin is an example which used the same java-ee parts you find in tomee out-of-the-box, but configured manually for a servlet container like tomcat. the biggest change i had to do was to drop most dependencies. i just had to keep myfaces codi and extval. besides adding org.apache.openejb:javaee-api as provided dependency, i also added org.apache.openejb.maven:tomee-maven-plugin to start tomee and deploy the example with:

mvn tomee:run.

in the code i could keep everything as it was (the cleanup i did wasn't a required step to get it up and running with tomee). in case of the config i just had to drop some parts in web.xml and persistence.xml.

the rest worked immediately!