Wednesday, January 25, 2012

codi meets tomee

recently the open-ejb team released beta2 of tomee v1.

tomee is already optimized a lot. today we saw an issue during the deployment of a codi demo to tomee. thx to romain manni-bucau we found the issue pretty quickly. due to an optimization tomee filters myfaces-* jar files to improve the scanning performance. so you just have to rename the jar file(s) of codi until the issue gets fixed.
(or manually patch org\apache\openejb\config\NewLoaderLogic.class in webapps\openejb\lib\openejb-core-4.0.0-beta-2.jar)

furthermore, we will add an integration test to tomee to avoid that it happens again.

so have fun with myfaces codi on tomee!