Monday, March 14, 2011

[benchmark] myfaces codi scopes

after some performance improvements in owb (thx to mark!) and codi i created a benchmark for the upcoming versions (owb 1.1 and codi 0.9.4). as you know the results depend on a lot of parameters. anyway, the following chart should give you a basic impression about the performance of the myfaces scopes. on my system i can reproduce the results (tolerance: ~0,5 ms in the benchmark with security-manager). the benchmark invokes a method of a scoped bean via an el-expression 1000 times (i've used the el-ri). the benchmark was started 3 times and the chart shows the rounded average.

with a security-manager:

without a security-manager:

hint: this benchmark isn't comparable with the result(s) of the first benchmark back in 2010 because the test-system has more resources now.

furthermore, i compared the result with spring 3 and orchestra (tolerance: ~0,5 ms).