Monday, July 26, 2010

[benchmark] myfaces codi scopes

after some performance improvements in owb (see #966927 and esp. OWB-425) i created a benchmark for the new (pre alpha-1) myfaces codi scopes (@ConversationScoped != std. CDI conversations, @ViewAccessScoped and @WindowScoped). as you know the results depend on a lot of parameters. anyway, the following chart should give you a first impression about the performance of the myfaces scopes. furthermore, it's a preview concerning the improved performance of the el-resolver of owb. on my system i can reproduce the results (tolerance: ~2 ms). the benchmark invokes a method of a scoped bean via an el-expression 1000 times (i've used the el-ri). the benchmark was started 3 times and the chart shows the rounded average.

(maybe you are wondering why std. cdi conversations provide a better performance than the codi conversations. the simple answer is: std. cdi conversations just don't provide that much features... they are more like a per window session with some annoying drawbacks.)