Thursday, March 25, 2010

extval r3 in action - fullstack 2010

this fullstack demo illustrates some use-cases of using jsf 1.2, spring 3, myfaces extval r3, bean-validation,... in case of myfaces extval the demo also shows how to keep all layers outside the view-layer independent of extval classes. so you see how to re-use existing (extval independent) constraints for ui validation in a typesafe way.
furthermore, the demo shows how to integrate bean-validation (jsr 303) in jsf 1.x applications.

further details are available in the (short) readme file.

here is the list of the used technologies:
- jsf 1.2 (+ facelets)
- myfaces orchestra
- myfaces extval r3 (+ some add-ons)
- bean-validation (jsr 303)
- spring 3
- jpa 1.0
- primefaces