Saturday, July 18, 2009

myfaces-extval and icefaces - 2

this is an update of the original post:

extval and icefaces uses similar approaches to implement an internal mechanism. with mojarra there is no issue (by chance). in combination with myfaces-core there was an issue which is fixed with the following combination: icefaces 1.8.2 (see ) and an icefaces support module.

internally icefaces components use some jsf 1.1 mechanisms. that's the reason why you have to use the described fallback. that will change with icefaces 2.0 (which will be compatible with jsf 1.2).
if you are using the support module + the current extval-snapshot + the upcoming version of icefaces (1.8.2 - or a pached version of 1.8.1), you don't have to follow the instructions of the original post. you just have to add the dependencies and everything will work as expected.

a very simple example is available here