Sunday, June 21, 2009

extend myfaces extval with your own concepts

it's important to know that extval is able to help you with every possible validation requirement (in view of jsf). if there isn't an out-of-the-box functionality, extval provides a solid base to build your own custom concept. several add-ons already proved that. you can just use them. however, they should basically show that it's quite easy to extend extval. (furthermore, you can integrate a 3rd party validation engine. the first public integration is the integration module of jsr 303 (it will be released after the final release of jsr 303 itself).)

if you miss a feature, just ask if there is already an add-on which solves your requirement(s). some of you already told me nice ideas and i implemented add-ons as possible solutions. however, there are also other solutions to solve these and other requirements. feel free to impl. your own add-on and send me a short e-mail about it :)

the 3rd release will introduce further base concepts. i wrote about constraint aspects and much more. i also impl. some short examples to show that it is pretty easy to extend and re-use the solid base of extval.

let's have a look at a possible scenario:
you would like to use a partial validation concept similar to the mechanism available in jsf 2.0. but extval doesn't provide group validation out of the box. moreover, you don't like the typesafe validation-controller-annotation of some of the available add-ons. you prefer to use a tag-based solution instead? no problem. some lines of code and here we go :)

do you think it's too much effort to impl. your own concept based on out-of-the-box functionalities? see for yourself how easy it is! demo 112 illustrates a simple impl. of the mechanisms mentioned above.

so have fun with extval!