Tuesday, September 16, 2008

myfaces-extval got independent of cglib

some days ago i introduced a new mechanism which replaces the cglib approach.
so some proxy drawbacks of the old approach are solved.

what changes for the user:
you just have to check the compatibility with your component lib.

requirement of the cglib approach:
component and converter creation via the jsf application.

requirement of the new approach:
all input components have to call the method getConvertedValue.
(a method of javax.faces.render.Renderer)

what's the workaround, if a component lib doesn't do that so far?
it's still possible to use the cglib approach or the adapter fallback approach of the alternative module.

how do i reactivate the cglib approach?
just add myfaces-extval-alternative-1.x.x-SNAPSHOT.jar to the classpath.
that's it!